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SeedingWizards is a community organisation, non-government unincorporated not-for-profit, private members association and was established with the vision: To sow the seeds of love, passion, health, and abundance within our community, by providing supportive, conscious, creative and sustainable solutions. These solutions are offered in 3 dedicated project brands operating as 2 mamas, Seeding Consciousness and SeeedingWizards Mould & Cleaning.

Led by Marvé and Raquel’s passion in supporting the community. The couple met in 2015 and immediately knew that humanity needed a better way, after having been raised in families of one Jewish the other Muslim and taught that each other was the enemy. They found more in common with each other and discovered that through connection, oneness, and love all could be healed.

They are excited to finally bring their collaborative community lead projects to you. 



Founder and Principal

Raquel is a Holistic Mindset Coach, Counsellor and Medium who after the tragedy of losing her mother at a young age, became drawn to her own self-enquiry. It was through this journey that she began to see her mother’s passing as a blessing and not a tragedy, and this was the spark that ignited her passion in helping others to discover their inner guidance system and unlock their highest potential.


After spending the last 17 years working in Employment Services and Recruitment in a variety of leadership roles she is well renowned for leading, establishing and growing high performing teams. She knows that believing in yourself is the starting point of success at any level. 


Raquel is excited to bring her years of experience together as part of this association.


Founder and Principal

Marvé is a Natural Herbalist and Healer, who has always had a passion for working and growing natural remedies; having learnt directly from her ancestors. She has worked and studied from a young age and has truly gifted hands, working in the creative and industrial fields. Her experience has seen her thrive in not only with creating natural remedies and solutions but also mastering her gifts in crafting, art, teaching and massage.


Born and raised in Turkey under a strict Muslim upbringing, Marvé found she was struggling with her identity and living her true self. This fuelled her passion in self-discovery and her quest for freedom. After also losing her mother at a young age she knew that she had to leave Turkey for her safety, well-being and in order to follow her dreams.

She is now following her passions and bringing everything she loves together in this association.

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