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2 mamas

2mamas is dedicated to bringing natural remedies to our community by utilising 100% natural ingredients from our earth to create handmade multi-purpose products and solutions. With the purpose of improving the health, lifestyle, and the overall wellbeing of humanity.


The products we create are filled with love and the highest intention. Our remedies come from ancient knowledge passed on from our ancestors which we want to share with our community.

Raising our children together and becoming mamas has awakened our desire to nurture and create a unique imprint of wellbeing within our children and the wider community.

As not-for-profit we are here share our gifts with you.

Seeding Consciousness

Discovering how to unlock your inner guidance system and improve the quality of your life. Moving to a life of purpose through clarity by clearing old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Holding space for you to have a personal, targeted and meaningful experience to reach your full potential.


  • 1:1 Holistic Coaching Sessions

  • 1:1 Mediumship and Intuitive Support Sessions

  • 1:1 Unlocking your passion and career guidance

  • Creative Empowerment Workshops


Mould Wizards

The Mould Wizards project is dedicated to supporting the community. Many of todays health ailments are a result of mould poisoning and our members have witnessed how the flooding across our region can take a grip on communities with a devastating effect on health. Our mission and purpose arose from witnessing victims over recent years suffer because of a lack of education and funding for recovery. So we formed to aid in the recovery from mould with our specialised service, products and education. We are passionate about education around mould and can remove and kill the dangerous spores, stopping the dangerous effects from mould poisoning.

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